Monday, September 28, 2009

Site is still under construction, hence the lack of items.
Be patient, more coming soon :)

leaving on a jet plane.

This darling is great for carrying up a plane and looking danty at the same time :)

Condition: good, only been used a few times, one faint mark, hardly noticable.
Price: $45

potato sack/bag?

Prints are on both sides. Easy to match with clothes, good for books or groceries.
Condition: good, hardly used.
Price: $18

rock n roll :))

This one of a kind bag was bought from hongkong and i'm pretty sure you'll be the only on the street with this :)
Condition: good, although not sparkling white, some faint brownish marks but hardly noticable
Price: $40
**note, it is not a guitar carrier!

Lee red skinny jeans size 6, a bit loose, shld fit a size 7?
Condition: worn a few times
Price: $30Slip on colourful dress, size 6 (would fit a size 8), no zips or buttons, stretchable at the waist.
Condition: never been worn outside
Price: $20